Our Favorite iOS Resources

Before co-founding Vektor Digital in late 2012, Kurt (the other co-founder of Vektor Digital) and I spent over a year diving into the world of iOS. We got into iPhone apps in 2011 with minimal programming background. But with a vast universe of iOS resources (books and websites) dedicated to helping us learn iOS development we didn’t need to already be expert programmers.  We just needed to be willing to learn. In fact, for us the question quickly became, “with so many great resources out there, how do we choose?”

On our journey to becoming iOS programmers we’ve read loads of books and scoured the web countless times for tutorials on our quest to master iOS development. We thought we’d share our experience and give you a quick rundown of our favorite iOS resources.

(EDIT: Updated Resources for iOS 7 – 10/7/2013)

Making a stop at Apple’s iOS Dev Center is a great way to get a broad overview of the iOS platform. At minimum check these out before you touch a line of code:

After getting an outline for iOS design and programming guidelines we started learning by doing tutorials. Here’s our favorite resources for iOS tutorials:



It’s easy to feel the need to do tons of tutorials, but we’re huge fans of putting your skills to the test early and often. Once you have a pretty good grounding in iOS, start building your own projects. This approach will help you learn incredibly fast (much faster than doing tutorials alone). If you keep your project simple you’ll be launching your first app in no time!

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