Should I Upgrade My App to iOS 7?

To app owners asking, “Should I upgrade my app to iOS 7?” – Yes. Yes you should. If you’re willing to upgrade your app to leverage iOS 7, you will find a distinct competitive advantage over those who let their apps age in the App Store. Check out our flat-rate pricing for upgrading apps to iOS 7.

A Big Opportunity

Apple announced a new operating system for iPhone and iPad applications, called iOS 7 (the current operating system is called iOS 6). iOS 7 is slated for release sometime in Fall 2013, but a firm date has not been announced. To date, iOS 7 is the biggest upgrade to the operating system since the release of the iPhone in 2007. From what’s been unveiled so far, the way apps look will change dramatically.


Brand New Look and Feel

Many app owners are upgrading their apps in anticipation of iOS 7’s release because the difference in look and feel between iOS 6 and iOS 7 apps will be highly noticeable. In 2007, when the first batch of apps were released to the App Store, they blew all of us away with their fantastic design. But by the time iOS 5 was released, many of these original apps looked dated. With the release of iOS 7, the comparison with current apps will be even more drastic. Take a look at some of these side by side comparisons to get a better idea.

iOS 5


iOS 6


iOS 7


Make a Move

With over 800,000 iPhone and 300,000 iPad apps on the App Store, many owners will fail to update their code for iOS 7. App Store customers are notorious for judging books by their cover, so unchanged apps will see a decrease in downloads due to their dated look and feel. However, those willing to reinvest in their app now will find less competition in their space than they did last year.

If you’re an app owner considering the upgrade to iOS 7 – feel free to reach out to us at We’d be happy to learn more about your app and help you determine what it would take to make the jump to iOS 7.

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