We build apps that speak with custom hardware.

Vektor Digital has built over a dozen mobile apps that speak with connected devices like custom electronics and beacons. We use Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC technologies to communicate with connected devices – reading sensor data, upgrading firmware on-the-fly, and providing rich, contextual user experiences for your mobile app users. Sample portfolio projects include a smart mouthguard app for detecting concussions, a smart inhaler app for tracking asthma medication effectiveness, and several indoor beacon apps for smart workplaces.

We Love Connected Devices


We have four years of experiences building and deploying beacon-powered apps. We also run Beacon Meetup, a semi-monthly event held in San Francisco.

100% custom hardware

We work alongside your hardware engineers to custom-tailor an app to speak to your new hardware product. Co-development is welcome!

Off-the-shelf sensors

Bring us a sensor with an open communication protocol, and we’ll build an iOS or Android app to communicate with it.

Use Cases

Smart Products

Transform your consumer electronics product or industrial data logger into a smart device, capable of communicating with mobile apps and the cloud.

Smart Workplaces

Deploy a network of sensors throughout your facility. Monitor temperature, light, or air quality and relay the data back to your app for actionable insights.

Asset Tracking

Tracking the locations of equipment and people is cheaper and less expensive than ever before. Run your asset tracking ecosystem from an iPad or Android tablet.

We can bring your vision to life!

Just let us know how you'd like to begin.