We build custom iBeacon mobile applications.

iBeacons are small, cost-effective Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that can talk with smartphones. When a user’s smartphone gets within a set distance of one of your iBeacons, you can push information to their device. iBeacons can solve a wide variety of problems that just couldn’t be solved efficiently before. Check out these real-world sample iBeacon applications:

Real-World iBeacon Applications

Retail Discounts

and Data

Display product data or discounts when a user gets within a few inches (or feet) of your products. Grab street traffic with discount lures.

“Find Me” Help

Lead your sales associates to customers who have questions. Cut through the crowd and convert customers.



Imagine you’re a doctor. Display patient records automatically when you enter a new room. No more searching and scrolling!

Heat Maps

Track where your customers or users are interacting with iBeacons. Use this info to optimize sales or usage.



When walking between three or more iBeacons, a user’s location can be determined. Deploy a grid and track customer movements indoors.

Check-In Systems

No more Fobs. Let your customers or employees check-in with their smartphone.

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