Ask The Guides

Ask the Guides for Success, is FREE fun, motivating, and informative fortune game.

Just type or speak a question to “The Guides”. Then let your hand choose 3 magic medallions while thinking of you question. You will reveal 3 sacred symbols that ”Your Guides” will use to answer your questions.

These oracles are intended to help, guide, and inspire, you and your decisions.

In “Your Journey to Success,” Ask the Guides lists many of the steps it takes to succeed at what you want to do and help overcome them.

Take the journey to see beautiful images, music, and your inspirational messages that await you.

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We worked on

DEVELOPMENT Our team brought this unique design to life through eye-popping animations, transitions, and immersive sound effects, music, and imagery. Our developers also integrated In App Purchases (IAPs) and custom algorithms for selecting oracle readings, images, and sounds based on the user’s question and coin selection.

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