Smart inhaler app

SpirIT is an IT health solution that helps patients suffering from respiratory chronic illnesses, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. The core of this health solution is a “smart asthma inhaler” which collects real-time data on asthma dosing and peak flow testing and communicates the data over bluetooth low energy (BLE). The companion iOS app “SpirIT” reads the smart inhaler’s output, analyzes the data, and displays the feedback visually through a simple, yet powerful user interface.

The roadmap for this health solution involves integrating a user’s “Asthma Action Plan” for notifications of potential weather risks, adherence issues, and improved tracking of long-term health trends. Overall, SpirIT helps patients assume greater ownership in the management of their respiratory illness and improve clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of care.


We worked on

DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT Our team worked to design and develop the mobile app that pairs with the smart inhaler. We worked with the client to establish a clean, modern design that met business goals and industry accessibility requirements. On the engineering side, our team developed the BLE driven interface which ties into the smart inhaler’s accelerometers and and pressure sensors to create real-time animations within the app.

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